Exclusive Wines & Private Labels

Let us know your needs and we will make it for you. With the best quality, timing, cost and terms.

Many years of experience in the wine business have given us a deep knowledge of our industry and its nuances. Ans also a sound understanding of the international markets, its dynamics and mechanics.

We have learned how important understanding of these markets, adaptability, flexibility and rapidity of action it is to be able to give our partners what they are looking for, with the best consistent quality, price, timing and service.

 In working closely with our partners in the different markets and our production partners on the most adequate wine producing areas we have the capabilities to tailor made all sort of wines – sparkling and still – varietals, packaging and price segments.

Our production partners also hold the main demanded certifications such as IFS or BRC. And of course, we care for the future of our planet and people and are fully certified Organic and produce Vegan and Sustainable Wines.

Our Capabilities

 – Custom Product Development –

 – Procurement – 

 – Contract Production – 

 – Design & Packaging – 

 – Marketing – 

 – International Compliance – 

 – Administration & Logistics – 

 – Customer service – 

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