About Us

Building global brands through global distribution in a global industry

Global Wine Partners is an innovative international wine company based in Barcelona; operating worldwide. 

Its unique business model permits to produce and supply the best value for money wines from the top wine areas around the world.

The company’s expertise includes an outstanding group of wineries, a unique marketing strategy, a solid know-how of both consumers and markets, great production capabilities, an excellent management of the routes-to-market and the very best customer service. 

Its experienced team is focused on giving the best to its customers, with the aim of creating long-term relationships, making Global Wine Partners the ideal partner for the wine industry. 

Our unique range of products fits any market needs

Operating worldwide through our local partners

Our products are sold in more than fifty countries around the world and developed staying close to our customers, with a deep knowledge of the markets and based on leveraged market data, trends and consumer insights.

 We produce in many of the main wine producing areas of the world, with a focus on the old world and significantly in Spain, through a strong relationship with our production partners, developed and consolidated by working together over the years.