Our Brands

Over the years we have created a modern and innovative portfolio with distinctive brands that are sold in more than fifty countries across the world. Wines that are modern, fruity, fresh and easy to understand yet retaining the character and authenticity of each terroir.

We are proud to be producing wines with the best-known appellations as well as in the most modern and trendiest areas. Continuously traveling from one wine area to the next, selecting and blending wines that will satisfy the most demanding consumers.

We produce our wines with passion and thinking consumer first, connecting with them by surfing the trends of the wine industry and hence satisfying market needs.

We craft our wines using the latest technology and packaging possibilities enhancing the consumption options in every channel of the wine trade.

We are strongly committed in building wine brands that deliver unbeatable value, that represent the best of every wine areas we produce in and that can be enjoyed with family and friends on every occasion.

 And, we do all this by working closely with our partners on the wine trade and providing them with wines that overdeliver and resonate with their end consumers.

Our portfolio of brands

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