Señorío de Espiga
DOC Rioja

Rioja was the first Spanish wine region to obtain D.O. status, back in 1925.

It was later promoted to D.O.C., the highest appellation in the Spanish wines appellation system.

With the excellence of its climate and soils, this region has seen many improvements over the years.

Its winemakers have inspired to excel in this famous region and now, with the collaboration of real masters in the art of making wine, the name of Rioja has been elevated to one of the most prestigious wine regions throughout the world.

Señorío de Espiga is produced from the vineyards of the small village of San Asensio in the

Rioja Alta.

This wine truly reflects the glory that is Rioja.

We also strive to make this fruity, delicious wine affordable and widely available to all our customers.







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